Affordable Tree Service & Tree Trimming Near You.

Whether you want a simple plan with spring and fall clean-ups, or in the summer mowing or more detailed maintenance such as edging, lawn dethatching, mulching, weeding, lawn aeration, shrub pruning and more, we have the skills and capability to help!

Our full range of tree care services includes:

  • Trimming
  • Structure Pruning
  • Crown Reduction
  • Removal of dead, broken and poorly attached branches and fronds
  • Tree and Hedge Removal
  • Stump Grinding & Removal
  • Root Pruning
  • Hazard Tree assessment


  • Adds value to your property
  • Assure preparedness for hurricane season and storms
  • Enhance overall health and beauty of trees.
Affordable Tree Service & Tree Trimming for Commercial, HOA's and POA's
Affordable Tree Service & Tree Trimming for Commercial, HOA's and POA's

Tree Trimming & Pruning, Tree Shaping

Tree trimming and pruning is both an art and a science that refers to the act of removing undesired branches, limbs, or other portions of trees in order to enhance the health of the trees and eliminate threats to property surrounding them.

Trimming and pruning are done for a variety of purposes, including minimizing dangerous site lines and improving the aesthetic appeal of the property around us. To begin, aesthetics refers to how the pruning is done to keep the tree in excellent form and beauty. It is mostly accomplished by crown restoration, which is one of several types of tree trimming and pruning. It is also intended to enable light and air circulation into the canopy, which will aid in the development and well-being of the tree. One of the major reasons for tree pruning is to avoid branches that grow too close to electrical lines or residences. It is known as hazard reduction tree trimming. Hazard reduction tree service can also be accomplished by removing diseased, dead, or unstable branches.

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Tree Planting, Tree Removal, & Overgrown Landscape Renovations

JNR Lawn Maintenance & Tree Service provides tree planting services to make your property seem more full and appealing. We understand that you may have many concerns about what types of trees you may plant and where, and our professionals are pleased to evaluate your land and advise you on the finest alternatives accessible to you.

When trees are chopped down, or fall on their own, they should ideally be fully removed from the ground. You may find it tough to remove tree stumps from the ground. When trees collapse, the stumps should be removed to prevent fungal root rot and suckering. They may, however, be eliminated by either digging them out, shredding them with a stump grinder, or burning them. 

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Affordable Tree Service & Tree Trimming for Commercial, HOA's and POA's
Affordable Tree Service & Tree Trimming for Commercial, HOA's and POA's

Storm Damage Tree Removal

Storms may cause severe tree damage, and falling. Significantly damaged trees can endanger your property and even your life. Windstorms, lightning, and other mechanical forces harm many shade and decorative trees, like Palm trees, throughout the year (automobiles, vandalism, etc.). Typically, the damage consists of a few damaged branches. More serious damage, such as branch fork splitting or pulling apart, loss of huge portions of bark, twisting and splitting of the trunk, or even uprooting, may occur.

These injuries frequently create a change in the look of the tree and increase its vulnerability to future insect or disease attacks, or they might cause harm to nearby structures and vehicles. As a result, it is critical that the damage be properly addressed and repairs done in order to protect the tree’s health and the safety of those around it. Trees are occasionally uprooted as a result of heavy storms. If the tree is too enormous, it cannot be salvaged and must be cut down. 
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